Brother MFC-7860DW: ‘replace toner’ message

The last few days my printer was telling me that the toner was low and that I should get ready to replace it. Finally, today the printer refused to print any more and instead just displayed ‘Replace toner’ on it’s display. I was very annoyed about this as I was quite sure that there was still plenty of toner in that cartridge as there were no streaks etc. on the last few printouts I made. So I went looking and discovered that there’s a simple setting that will cause the printer to carry on printing even so it believes (for whatever reason) the toner is empty. Basically, you will have to enable ‘Continue Mode. Here are the steps:

This should work for other Brother models too. I know for sure that this also works for the MFC-7360N.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Tried the old cover sensor with tape trick but still came to this blocking point. Glad it was that easy.

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